I have spent my life fixing things! This is me in case you want to know with whom you are talking.


I fix food and have done so forever. I cook it, I grow it, I freeze it, I can it, and I love for people to come and eat it with us. You will like my recipes! And, you will love my short-cuts and helpful kitchen hints that I have found over the years and I will be sharing with you.

My husband, Cochise, and I dairy farmed for the first 15 years we were married. We had been married only a year when his father died. He was the only son and there was no one else to milk the cows, so we became dairy farmers overnight.  I wasn’t a farm girl, I didn’t know a thing about farming. But, Cochise taught me about the soil, animals, weather, plowing and planting the seeds to grow the corn for silage to feed our cows, and about nature and life on a farm.  Because of him, and our life together, I developed a love for all things that grow.  Ultimately, the city moved to the country and it was time for us to sell the cows and the land and move on into our next careers.

Regardless of where you end up after being a farmer you can’t take the farm out of a farmer. We never lost our love of the soil and growing things. We have a big yard, flower beds and a large garden in the ground and in rased beds. My problem is, I can’t seem to keep myself form not sticking whatever I cut off a plant or dig up and separate into the soil to root and make more plants.  I root and air layer my shrubbery. I separate, divide,  replant and give away my perennials .  I root and plant anything that gets broken off a plant in my rooting bed, even the suckers that I take off our tomato plants. Here is a picture of some of my divided and transplanted daylilies that bloomed for the first time since they were moved last summer.

Daylilly June, 2014

I also tend to help fix people. I don’t really mean to, but Cochise says that I attract people. I can be in the produce lane of the grocery store and someone will come up to me and start talking about what they are going to cook, or ask about how to cook something we are looking at, or seeking advise about most anything. I have a sixth sense that seems to tell me when someone has a something going on, and if I might be able to offer a suggestion or alternative that would be helpful. I discovered this ability in my professional life as a real estate broker, helping people solve their home buying and selling problems. And, as a national real estate trainer working with real estate agents all over the country .  I could sense when I was working with a real estate customer or teaching a real estate class when I could offer a suggestion or an alternative that would eliminate an issue that needed to be addressed or discusses. I consider this is a special gift from the Universe, and I honor it and take very good care of it.

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