Belated: Fix-It-Fairy Christmas Decoration Tour

I realize that it is way into January and you probably would have liked to have seen these ideas back around Thanksgiving. This blogging is new to me and I have had a time with my pictures. Hopefully, there is something here that you will enjoy for next Christmas.

Christmas is a wonderful, magical, snowy, frosty time of the year. Though, It gets cold where we live, we seldom have snow and when it comes our city stops completely until it melts. I only remember it snowing once on Christmas day some years back and then it was only flurries, it didn’t stick. Even though, we don’t have the magic of snow we have the magic of Christmas and decorating.

At one time in my life, I was a partner in a home accessory decorating business. We started buying and making Christmas decorations in June preparing for our pre-Thanksgiving and Christmas show and sales. We did this for three years and I got very tired of Christmas decoration.  I also amassed a huge amount of leftovers that I have been systematically sharing with kids, grandkids and friends over the years. Now, because we live in two places I keep my decorating small and distinct. We get to enjoy it, but it can easily be removed and packed up in an hour or so when we are ready to go to our other home.

Since “The Fairy” loves all things to do with outside in her yard she tries to use what she finds in her back yard for decorations. Here is the basket I created from pinecones, Pyracantha limbs and berries, a few branches of Yew from my yard, along with a few Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Basket

I decorate for Christmas using many of the things that I keep in my great room year-round. Here is how I incorporate my collection of shells, yes I have one since my name is Shelnutt. By adding small shiny ornaments and bows, my shells take on a new life this time of the year.

2014-12-23 11.33.05

I also have a collection of cut glass in a cabinet that gets an addition of bows and ornaments. All the bows were made several years ago. The ribbon has a fine wire edge on each side. I store them in a plastic garbage bag and pull them out the next year. All I have to do is pull and tidy them up and they are ready use again. On the banister going up the stairs, I used a wide red shiny ribbon type drape with a few ornaments.I keep my colors to red and gold with greenery added.


The bows show up again below the light fixture over our breakfast table. Please forgive the photo it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked.

2014-12-23 11.23.44

This year I added a picture of a Holstein cow with a Christmas wreath on the mantle. The cow picture has special meaning for us since we dairy farmed for the first 15 years we were married and had pastures full of Holstein cows.


Outside I use the same simple approach, using the grapevine wreath that hangs on the porch year-round and I simply adding a bow and some shiny balls. The milk crate and the old milk can stay out there yea- round also. As you can see I have a lot of cow related things.wreath xmasDSCN3158

The planter on the old sewing machine base porch table spent the summer on a pedestal in the backyard of full of Salvia. For the holidays, we placed the planter with the soil in it on the table and stuck the greenery into the soil. The soil acts as a base or anchor to keep the branches from blowing away. And, No! that isn’t snow at Christmas time here, it is just the way the sunlight shows up in the picture.


The mailbox gets a few limbs of Magnolia and Pyracantha and a big red weatherproof bow. This is the third or fourth year for the bow and still looking nice.

Mail box, xmas DSCN3153

Thank you for taking the Christmas decoration tour with me. I hope you find a new idea that you can use at your house next year.

Happy New Year from “The Fairy”


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