How to make Egg Salad using a pastry blender

I make egg salad every few weeks for lunch time sandwiches. For years I made egg salad the way my mother always did, using a fork to mash up the eggs one at a time, then adding the rest of the ingredients. That took more time than I was willing to donate when we just needed a quick, filling spread for a sandwich.  My pastry blender has been in my utensil drawer for years, in the way. I seldom make pastry and only occasionally would I use it for making a small bath of mashed potatoes for potato skins. One day I was boiling eggs to make egg salad and noticed the pastry blender in the drawer. It dawned on me that the sharp edges of the pastry blender would be the ideal thing to chop and blend the entire bowl of egg salad at one time, and the idea was born.

Have you ever  realized that some of the dishes you make often you are making the same way mama always did? Then you will see something in a magazine or read a recipe that gives directions that are so much quicker and easier than what you and your mama have always done. Then you think to yourself, why didn’t I think of that?

Well, I did think of this, all by myself. Using a pastry blender for making egg salad is my own original idea, I haven’t seen it anywhere else, and you are going to love it when you try it. Everything is mixed in one bowl and clean up is the one bowl, yeah!

Cropped Egg Salad

Place boiled, peeled eggs in a bowl. I usually use 5-6 eggs because we like to have  left over’s for another day. Then add about 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1/4 cup pickle relish, salt and a few grinds of black pepper, now chop away with the pastry blender. “Walla”, everything is mixed at one time. The salad is finished in a flash!

The ingredients that I use are what we like in our egg salad. You can use whatever your family prefers. The key here is adding everything into the bowl at one time and chopping it all together with the pastry blender. If you want to make tuna salad, add a can of drained albacore tuna to the basic egg salad and chop away. Ham, if you have left over ham chop it into the egg salad to make ham salad. You can use shrimp, lobster or what ever you have on hand that you may want to add to the basic egg salad and mix it quickly with the pastry blender. You can also make homemade pimento cheese spread using a pastry blender as well as many different types of cheese balls that we will be making during the upcoming holidays.

Occasionally I like to add chopped celery or onion to my tuna salad. Unfortunately, the pastry blender will not chop the celery or onion for you. You still will have to do that chopping by hand and add to the pastry blended salad last, folding in with a spoon.

Egg Salad finished

I know, I know, this finished picture isn’t great, but I am learning this photography stuff. However, it does give you the idea of the outcome. I promise I will take a better picture the next time I make egg salad and replace this one. The important thing is the salad is made in a few minutes, quick, easy, thoroughly blended and minimal clean up.

FYI – We all boil eggs our own way, or mama’s way, but I want to share my way of boiling eggs. I found this suggestion in a Southern Living Magazine some years ago and have used it ever sense. It works better than my old way, believe me, and it delivers a perfectly boiled egg every time.

Put eggs into a boiler pan and cover with cold water from the faucet, it is important that the water is cold. Don’t try using hot water from the faucet hoping it will make the eggs boil faster. Starting with hot water will mess up the timing of the eggs cooking. Place the pan on the stove and turn the unit to high heat. Immediately set a kitchen timer for 20 minutes. The 20 minute time is important because you start timing from cold water and go to boiling. This will give you the perfect egg, cooked completely, but not over or under boiled. You will not ever again have that greenish ring around the yoke that comes from overcooking.When the timer goes off remove the eggs from the stove, and immediately drain the boiling water and refill the pot with cold water from the faucet, drain again and refill the second time with cold water. This draining and refilling with cold water is important because it cools the eggs, stops the cooking and makes them easy to handle. Then crack the egg shell completely, all around and both ends. The shell will usually peel off attached or leave only easy to remove large shell pieces.

I have even taught Cochise how to peel a boiled egg.  That is an accomplishment. 🙂

Give my pastry blender egg salad and egg boiling method  a try and let me know what you think.


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