I DO NOT like to wash baking dishes, so I Don’t

It it goes into my oven it usually is covered with foil so I don’t have to scrub it when it time to clean up. I want to show you how I form fit a baking dish liner. Below is the finished liner ready to be covered and placed in the oven.

Upright dish with content

Here is how I form fit a baking liner for most any size backing dish.

Foil - heavy duty

I buy commercial grade heavy duty foil that is 18 inches wide and heavier than the 12 inch rolls available in the grocery store. You can find the commercial grade at Sam’s, Costco or BJ’s.

Foil Wrap a baking dish

Pull out your baking dish and measure out your foil. With the 12 inch roll you will have to piece together several pieces of foil to get enough edge overflow and often the seams will separate while baking and necessitate scrubbing the dish because the liner came apart.

Foil covering bottom of dish

Flip the dish over and form the cover from the back side, contouring around the edges of the upside down dish.  Turn the dish over and fit the formed foil liner into the dish. One solid 18 inch piece has plenty of overhang on all sides. It looks like this when you add the content.

Upright dish with content

This particular recipe needs to cook with a tight fitting cover. To make a cover pull another length of the wide foil, fold over the top, pinch tightly around the outer edges for a tight seal. When dinner is over and it is time to clean up, simply drop the foil liner into the trash and put away the still clean baking dish.

When having guests, foil lined baking dishes may not be the way you want to serve your special casserole, however, for a week night meals this method is quick, easy and eliminates scrubbing.  Why not give it a try?

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