I told you! People talk to me.

People talk to me, they really do. The lady I am telling you about is in the sunset of her life and reflecting on the more recent choices she has made. There is a lesson here.

I was waiting for Cochise in the dentist office yesterday. And an old lady came in and sat down to wait for her appointment. She spoke to me and we started discussing the weather. It is hot, dry, and we both have had very little rain. I talked about my crispy yard and she told me about her.

She is 89 years old, widowed 6 years ago, sold her home that was debt free to buy a house to share with her son. She has had cancer three times, has had a heart stint and now cannot be operated on for a cyst that is very painful. She is so sorry she didn’t do what she planned to do and move into an assisted living facility near her old home after her husband died. Due to the heart condition, her doctor advised her not to drive unless absolutely necessary, therefore, she quit driving 3 years ago. She is very sorry she gave up driving because now her son has to drive her to all her numerous doctor appointments.

Here I am, a total stranger sitting in the waiting room of a dentist office and she shares all her personal life events and her regrets for the choices she has made. The “Fix-It-Fairy” was at a loss as to how she could fix it for her. or help her in any way. I listened and when I left offered kind words and encouragement but I feel sure that my words didn’t help. All I can hope is that it helped her to talk to someone about the circumstances of the choices she has made and her wishes that she had done differently and had moved into assisted living when she had the opportunity. If she had she wouldn’t be dependent on her son and would be in a place where she would be looked after,  as it is she is 89 years old and still looking after her son, cooking, cleaning and managing  what it appeared has become his home.

The moral of my story is, “just listen”. Maybe it matters.

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