The Very Best Plastic Wrap!

I became aware of this food wrap in a blog post by Keven Lee Jacobs,  “A Garden for a House” several years ago.  You can find the Stretch-Tite brand at Costco for $18.99 for a two pack which will last you for years.  Keven is a cookbook author, gardener, garden designer extraordinaire, and all around interesting guy who has the ability to share his ideas with joy, fun, and humor.  I find that like the suggestion for Stretch-Tite wrap,  he always has really practical ideas to share regarding cooking and gardening. Check him out!

One of the things I like best about  Stretch-Tite is it is thicker than the grocery store brand,  wider, and seals much better without sticking in a wad to its self.  But, by far the very best feature, is the little blue slide cutter! The cutter allows you fold the wrap over the bowl to be covered, zip the plastic with the cutter on the serrated edge and have a clean straight edge to wrap around the bowl to seal and leaving a clean straight edge on the roll for the next item you need to cover.

Here is an article from another blog “The Kitchn” that I enjoy and they are are also talking about Stretch-Tite food wrap and why it is the best food wrap for your kitchen.  If you are frustrated with the food wrap that you have been using, check out Stretch-Tite.


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